The First Challenge

February 5, 2008 at 9:01 pm | Posted in Challenges | 28 Comments

Our first ingredient is ….  CINNAMON

 I went with something nice and easy that everyone can enjoy.  I’m sure you will have no problems finding something amazing to make with cinnamon so get baking.

All entries are due March 2nd.



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  1. w00t w00t! I know what I am making….

  2. This is awesome! 🙂 I might actually join…I haven’t joined any others so far but since you are the coolest ever, I might just have to do this one. 😉

  3. YAH!! Another excuse to bake 🙂

  4. Um… How come I didn’t know about this???? 🙂 I wanna join!

  5. MRSABY, i am hurt. You don’t do mine 😦

  6. Ill try to squeeze it in. 😛

  7. It would be like a Patriots fan to choose for her first ingredient something I’m allergic to…

    Patiently waiting on the sidelines for Round 2 🙂

  8. I take it everyone is excited … look at all the smilie faces 🙂 … oh wait CB is frowning, but it’s close enough

    Slush – come on the due date is only right when you’ll be in the middle of making a million cuppys for Cupcake Hero judging

    Chelle – I’m sorry, but really who’s allergic to cinnamon? Apparently only crazy Steelers fans 🙂

  9. Clara – I’m sorry!! 😦 I am just now to the point where I might have time to start participating in things. And for this one, Nikki doesn’t actually send me food which is good. LOL

  10. YESSSSSS. I love masterbater contests! hmm my t tey teeps typing t!!! weird.

  11. Are past blog entries allowed or new ones only?

  12. I think I want to play. How fun! And, I loooove cinnamon. Hurray!

  13. ANDREA – You crack me up

    JENNYFER – I’d really like them to be new entries, but I’m not going to outlaw old posts as of right now. I do reserve the right to change that in the future if too many people do it though 🙂

    RACHEY POO – Oh yes do come play! My VP off Cuppy Taste Testing must be a part of this

  14. Since I just posted my cinnamon rolls last night can I enter those??

  15. abbysmom – I think that’s definitely reasonable, just mention Master Baker in the post, link back here and email me with the info!

  16. Yum cinnamon! I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

  17. There’s an idea that I jave, but I don’t know if it will work!

  18. Have. That’s what happens when you type while trying to lick cheesecake off your finger.

  19. I’m SO IN! Like I need an excuse to bake:) Good ingredient choice!

  20. I have a recipe that I’ve been holding on to post and this will be perfect! Yay!

  21. Miss Scarlett and Claire – I’m excited to have you join us!

  22. Dumb question, but can I enter something that I got off of another person’s blog? What about entering on her traveling behalf…?

  23. Dawn – If you make it you can enter it

  24. […] I am submitting this Cinnamon Babka to MasterBaker’s first event: Cinnamon […]

  25. I was so excited to read about this! 🙂 And what a great first ingredient. I’ll be sending my entry in today or tomorrow! -Amy

  26. Oops, I think I still have time. Wait for meeee…

  27. Hehe I just took a few hours off work so that I could make mine in time. I’m so excited, this is my first challenge! 🙂

  28. […] Apple Raspberry Crisps are my submission for Master Baker – Cinnamon hosted by Nikki from Crazy Delicious, also the creator of Master Baker. /* […]

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