The end is near

February 28, 2008 at 5:35 am | Posted in Updates | 15 Comments

The end of this months challenge is quickly approaching (you have until Sunday) and let me tell you there are some amazingly delicious entries.  I’ve been down and out with the flu so my plans to start baking last weekend were crushed, but I will be stocking up with lots of cinnamon because my baking frenzy starts this weekend.

I’m thrilled with the number and quality of entries.  Seriously, you guys are going to need a drool towel when you look at the round up.   I’m planning on putting up the round up before I announce the winner so everyone can be tortured by the delicious treats while I finish my baking so make sure to come back early next week.  I should be announcing the winner a week from Sunday or probably Monday because I’ll be in a cinnamon coma by next Sunday night!

If you haven’t got your entry in … get to it, you have 4 days left, more than enough time to bake up a wonderful cinnamon treat!

Now, I just need to figure out what next months ingredient should be.  Any suggestions?



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  1. I am so stoked for you and the fabulous response to MB! w00tx2! You’re gonna be a baking fiend this weekend! I can’t wait to see the competition… er… round up! haha. As for next month, what about marshmallow? (I am thinking 2for! LOL) I keed I keed. Hmm… what about caramel? peanut butter? cream cheese?

  2. I vote for cheese!
    PS Congrats on so many entries. 🙂

  3. I am so excited for you Nikki! Its an awesome feeling seeing entries come in. Suggestions for next month, what about brown sugar or dried fruit?

    Look at CB with the thoughts of a 2fer, we are gunna have to beat her. 😉

  4. How about mint for St. Patty’s day, or beer, or cornbeef, or cabbage, or all of it. I can’t wait for St. Patty’s Day!

  5. peanut butter!


  6. Congrats on the turn out! However, I’m feeling for you this weekend! You’re going to be cinnamoned out, hardcore. I only made two cinnamon things, and just the thought of eating something cinnamon flavored makes me semi-nauseous lol good luck! You are a braver woman than I. 😀

  7. Oh, and as for suggestions for next month:
    Anything green (other than food coloring), that could be challenging, having to make a green cupcake using it’s ingredients and not food coloring
    Irish Cream
    BBKiddo’s idea for a Colcannon cupcake could be interesting….
    I’m sorta stuck on some sort of St.Patty’s day theme for March, obviously lol

  8. karo syrup or cream cheese, not together of course!

  9. Oh, I like the idea of mint that was mentioned once or twice above me. I’m a firm believer in whoever paired chocolate and mint together needs to be sainted. 🙂

    And good luck with all the baking. And I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  10. It’s fun to be challenged with a unique ingredient. Chocolate and mint sounds so delicious!! The Irish in me is screaming for Guiness since it is March, but that can be somewhat limiting. How about chocolate? There might be 10x as many entries with that! 🙂 Best!

  11. SLUSH – we totally need to beat her
    BB – corned beef and cabbage in a baked good … interesting I think I would have 1 entry and it probably wouldn’t be much of a baked good. I think someone’s too excited for St Patty’s Day
    ALANNA – Love them both
    KRISTINA – luckily I love cinnamon so I’m still doing just dandy
    BETH – Interesting I like them both (who am I kidding when it comes to things that go in baked goods I love it all)
    KRISTEN and CUPCAKERY – mmm mintyness is always good

  12. Any kind of nut would be good, particularly pecans or almonds.

  13. congrats on getting so many entries! i really enjoyed entering.
    if you’re thinking of something green to tie in with paddy’s day…how about kiwi?..there’s got to be some interesting combinations that could be paired with kiwi and it would be interesting to see whether the colour would come through…or pistachio or avocado could be interesting ingredients to experiment with too…once i get started thinking there’ll be no stopping me!

  14. I could not think you are more right…

  15. All round incredibly written blog post.

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