March 3, 2008 at 3:11 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

There are still a few hours left to go and we have over 50 entries!  I’m really floored guys this is amazing.  Now I do need to apologize.  I’ve tried to be very good about sending emails back and commenting on everyones blog because your entries truly are appreciated.  Over the last few days I noticed a few incoming links that I hadn’t got emails for and it was getting to the point where something seemed fishy.  Currently I have the Master Baker email address forwarding to my regular email and the problem with that is that I was completely unaware that my spam filter was eating a TON of entries.  When I say a ton I mean over 20 of you wonderful bakers haven’t received thank yous and I am unbelievably sorry.  I’m working on getting to everyone now so you should hear from me today or tomorrow.  I’m so sorry!



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  1. sheesh. excuses excuses! LOL.
    I am uber excited that your first month is met with such overwhelming participation! Rock on MBNB! Can’t wait to see the roundup! 🙂

  2. Um if I recall I was talking to you trying to figure out what was going on when I found half the entries in my spam. Sheesh thanks for the support 😛

  3. Let me know if I need to resend my email to you. Before my cinnamon bread disappears….

  4. Judy you’re all set and should be getting an email tomorrow. I’m putting everything in the round up as I go so I don’t mix up which ones have been put in and which ones haven’t because they’re all mixed up in the dates, but I do have your entry!

  5. Ahhh, the trials and tribulations of being a food blog event hostess! 😉 You’ll do fabulous, no worries! Hope you got my email, and if not, drop me a line.

  6. Hey, no need for apologies! We all realize this is a big undertaking. Thanks again for adding some more fun to the world of blogging!

  7. I got your email! It’s no problem, I’m just glad you got it in the end! Thank you!!

  8. Hi,
    I also Love blog´s events!!!! I knew yours now ans I´m looking forward to the next ingredient!!! bjs danielle

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