February Round Up

March 6, 2008 at 8:33 pm | Posted in Round Ups | 28 Comments

Wow just wow! Who would have thought that my crazy little idea of a fun blog event would turn out this well! We had over 50 entries and every last one of them look absolutely amazing! Picking a winner is going to be hard because so far, everything I’ve made I’ve loved. My hubs thanks you all for your delicious treats. He is thoroughly enjoying is role as taste tester.

I just want to thank all of you for joining in on the fun, I’m giddy as a school girl that I got this many entries. I also want to thank you guys for putting up with the minor blips this month next month should go flawlessly. Special thanks to CB and Lemon Tartlet for their moral support (finding 30 entries at the last min requires moral support to remind you that you can get everything entered in a reasonable time frame) and their help getting the round up together. You girls rock!

Stay tuned, the March ingredient will be announced tomorrow (you’re going to love it) and the February winner will be posted early next week!

In an effort to not make this post a million miles long the entries are after the break (let me know if you think I should do it the other way … I’m indecisive and can’t decide)

Chocolate Zucchini Bread – CIA – Cooking in an Apron – Steph

My very first entry. Taking her tried and true recipe for zucchini bread, Steph added some cocoa and turned it into a pure delicious delight!

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Wine Lover’s Cooking Diary – April

I’ve heard word through the grapevine that April sent these cookies to everyone except me and pretty much everyone loved the cinnamony chocolatey chippity goodness

Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze – It’s Melissa’s Kitchen – Melissa

Don’t just serve me one, I want the whole plan. Melissa’s take on Bon Appetit’s cinnamon rolls looks great and the cream cheese glaze … yum!

Carrot Cake Cuppys – Love Sweet Love – Nina

For some reason I’m not surprised that Nina’s entry was covered in hearts. I swear she can find a place for hearts anywhere and the cuppys look fantastic. Carrot cake rocks.

Cinnamon Cocoa Meringues with Vanilla Ice Cream and Cinnamon Chocolate Sauce – Jennyfers Culinary Creations – Jennyfer

Just looking at these makes me drool. Meringues, cinnamon Chocolate sauce and ice cream. Sinfully delicious!

Cinnamon Rasin Bread – Foodie Fashionista – Dorian

Yeast is always a tricky beast and boy am I glad Dorian gave yeast another shot because she ended up with one successful loaf of bread!

Cinnamon Popcorn – Meli Can Cook – Melissa

Not only is Melissa’s recipe easy, but it’s the perfect way to change up your movie night treats.

Apple Cinnamon Granola – Artists In the Kitchen – Alanna

Granola is one of those perfect snacks, it’s good to munch on it’s own, it’s good to put on things like yogurt. It’s just a wonderfully versatile snack. Alanna made one of my favorite kinds of granola, a yummy apple cinnamon combo.

Cinnamon Dolce Brownies – quirky cupcake – Laurie

Laurie stole my heart when she used chocolate jimmies, actually, she has her son Liam to thank for that fabulous suck up attempt. Who am I kidding, this chocolate brownie delight stole my heart from the get go.


Cinnamon Orange Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon Tinted Mexican Wedding Cookies – JoyTheBaker – Joy

Joy knows how to make me hungry and her entry didn’t disappoint. Her cinnamon and blood orange hot chocolate is the perfect drink for those cold winter nights. Paired with yummy cinnamon wedding cookies, what more could you ask for?

Cinnamon Babka – Do Better – Karen

This bread just oozes delicious, literally. Look at the filling oozing out of the bread. If this doesn’t make you want to try this fab recipe nothing will!

Snickerdoodle Cuppys – Iheartcuppycakes – CB

The winner of the suck up award (not the real winner, just the biggest kiss ass), Clara not only listened to suggestions I had made for her to adjust her original snickerdoodle cupcakes but she also sent me some. Helping the judge get to taste more recipes without having to go crazy baking obviously earns bonus points!


Cinnamon Zeppole – The Progression of a Caking Hobbyist – Doreen

These fried cinnamon covered dough balls are perfect for breakfast … or lunch, dinner or a snack. Not only are they a delicious treat, Doreen chose a recipe that didn’t involve rise times so it’s quick and easy.


Spicy Apple Raspberry Crisps – Canela and Comino – Gretchen

This says breakfast to me. It also says dinner and supper, and right before bed which is why I’m not going to end up on America’s Next Top Model in a size 1 any time soon


Cinnamon Biscotti – Made by Mel – Melissa

It’s not easy to know what to say about biscotti. This one would be even harder to talk about, mostly because it would be shoved in my mouth after taking a little swim in a big cup of coffee but anything I was muttering around the mouth full would be words of love.


Rose and Cinnamon Scented Scones – Kettle and a Cup – Marye

There are few things that make me want to get out my tea set and big hats like a scone, and a rose scented scone isn’t playing fair! The little pink sprinkles on the top are the perfect touch.


Cinnamon Butterscotch Bread Pudding topped with Fresh Cinilla Whipped Cream and a Rich Cinnamon SauceCrafty Precious – Kristina

Somewhere, a government agency is trying to legislate a ban against this, for being entirely too sinful for the general populous to handle.


Belgium Slice – Wee Treats by Tammy – Tammy

This little treat makes me squeak, raspberry jelly sprinkles on top of a delicious treat! Just beautiful! Not quite sure if my biggest want is to eat it or wear it!


Low Fat Almond Cinnamon Biscotti – Cara’s Cravings – Cara

Is low fat and tasty a myth? Not if you’re nibbling these! The problem of course is that I’d end up eating half a dozen and the whole diet thing would be a moot point


Cranberry Apple Bread Pudding with Butter Rum Sauce – Good-Eats-n-Sweet-Treats – Jamie

Ya know how sometimes you see a picture of a food, and you can smell it and taste it right then? How you literally want to lick the screen and pretend the two of you are alone and uninhibited? Yeah, that’s what this one does to me.


Oatmeal Breakfast Bread – eggs on sunday – Amy

You know that when you sit down to a piece of oatmeal bread, you’re not gonna be disappointed or be required to be adventurous or exotic. It’s your best friend, you’re favorite blankie, the perfect comforting treat.


Dessert French Toast with Berries and Cinnamon Vanilla Sauce – At Home with Helena – Helena

Now this is my kind of breakfast a sweetened up version of french toast. The best part is that I can pretend it’s really good for me because there’s fruit. Isn’t there some rule that when you eat fruit or veggies with a meal you can subtract calories from everything else haha don’t we all wish


Ontbijtkoek (Brown Spice Cake) – Live to Eat – Anty

I was so excited to have a spice cake entry. G (my hubs) and I had spice cake for half of the layers of our wedding cake and we just love it! Anty didn’t disappoint and came through with a great recipe.


Triple Chocolate Brownies with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting – Adventures in the Kitchen – Cheri

Cinnamon cream cheese frosting is one of my favorite things in the world. It’s one of the few frostings I can’t eat enough of. Pair that with brownies and my weak spot has been hit.

Triple Play Cinnamon Rolls – Kimberly’s Cooking Aventure – Kimberly

These remind me of how Pillsbury Cinnamon roll look. Lots of cinnamon, a beautiful drizzle of frosting. Who wouldn’t want to eat them?

Cinnamon Cookies – Beantown Baker – Jen

Jen made some simple, but tasty looking cinnamon cookies, with a bit of molasses. Truly a fantastic combination for the perfect little cookie!

Cinnamon Chili and Chocolate Mud Cake – Not Quite Nigella – Lorraine

These Cinnamon chili chocolate cupcakes not only look beautiful they sound amazing too. Adding a fresh and different flavor to your traditional cupcake and the frosting make these top notch cuppy!

Quaker Oats Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies – Step’s Kitchen – Stephanie

The title of these cookies is well deserved, I don’t think they could hang around long in anyones house

Sweet Petals Coffee Cake – Barbara’s Sweet Bakes – Barbara

A beautiful coffee cake with a crispy outer layer created by putting the cinnamon and sugar on the outside is the perfect sweet treat!

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels – Di’s Kitchen Notebook – Di

Diane has been on a bagel kick and these bagels didn’t disappoint. They’re a homemade version of one of my favorite kinds of bagels, the always delicious cinnamon raisin!

Easy Cinnamon Bread – Judy’s Gross Eats

I am a bread-aholic and if there’s “easy” in the title I am all for it! Don’t her bread innards look delightful? I know I can’t wait to try this cinnamon-y bready goodness!

Cinnamon Shells – The Frosted Bake Shop

Could these be any cuter? They’re like little cinnamon stars from the kingdom of Yum (where all bow to me and give me baked goods and rub my feet and… that’s getting off the subject)

Cinnamon and Cocoa Bread – Home Gourmets – Suzana

I love bread. I love chocolate. Those who combine the two should get Nobel Peace prizes. With the tiaras.

Cinnamon Rolls – The Floured Apron – Karina

Something about these cinnamon rolls just screams perfection. It’s the perfect little swirled square to take home to mom.

Fryske sΓ»kerbΓ΄le (Frisian sugar bread) – Make Life Sweeter! – Linda

This is why the word lucious was invented. Right here. Somebody took a bit of those creamy bread goodness and moaned the word from sheer need to express themselves

Irish Apple Cake – Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments – Ruth

What makes this cake Irish? Who cares! Look at those gorgeous cinnamon apple slice innards. I’ll be Irish for the day to eat this cake!

Cinnamon Rolls – Colettes Bakery – Brigid

The frosting on this one alone is enough to make a girl fall in love. Unlike many relationships, what’s under the top layer is even better!

Cinnamon Rolls – Annina’s Food – Annina

There’s something so perfectly homey about this cinnamon roll, it makes me want a cup of coffee and a friend to chat with over it. Every baked good should be this adorable!

Apple Crumble Cupcakes – Airy Fairy Cupcakes – Sinead

Not only do these look downright delectable, but the one up front in the middle I swear looks like there’s a little sumo wrestler flexing his muscles on top. Please say it isn’t just me

Pear Almond Turnovers with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing – Made with Love – Robin

It’s like all of my dream of Pop Tart goodness just came true and proposed to me! Oh turnover, yes I will be yours!

Cinnamon French Toast Blondies – The Girl Tastes – Alicia

OK seriously, blondies and french toast in one delectable dessert. Can you possibly ask for anything more? They made me want to lick the screen.

Cinnamon GRANDola Muffins – What Smells So good? – Sarah

I believe these fabulous muffins with a crunchy granola top are our only vegan entry (at least intentionally vegan). These would make the perfect gift to give to anyones tummy!

Cinnamon Chip Spice Muffins – Food, Family, and Fun – Amy

Our other spiced cakey bready recipe is an updated version of Amy’s Grandmother’s old school recipe. Old recipes are always great and when you add chocolate chips to greatness you have one great treat!

Cinnamon Rum Soaked Rasin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting – The Cupcakery – Wendy

Cupcakes, rum and cream cheese frosting are an amazing mix of perfection. Add to that Wendy’s fantastic presentation and you have cupcakes calling your name to be made. I so want to hang out with that crazy pirate.

Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread with Crumb Topping – Dawn’s Recipes – Dawn

Pop it in the toaster, slather it with butter and give me some!

Braided Cinnamon Heaven – My Life in a Nuthou… I mean nutshell – Dawn

This bread is the picture of cinnamon beauty. This beautiful braided goodness

Cinnamon Rolls – Amber’s Delectable Delights – Amber

When nesties come a knocking, sweet treats need to be made! These beautiful cinnamon rolls are just begging to be gobbled up

Cinnamon Orange Zest Gelato with Farmhouse Pistachio Pillow Cookies – Vin de la Table – Kristen

If you thought the combination the perfection that is these adult “ice cream” sandwiches was enough, Kristen went and hit my weak spot by pairing it with wine. Her blog is a wino foodies dream come true.

Cinnamon Brownies – Something Sweet – Kristen

After an initial flop, Kristen came back with a vengeance with this ooey gooey cinnamony brownies!

Cinnamon Rolls – Born to Entertain – Andrea

Andrea lucked out after her master disaster (I’m still waiting to see a BU of that bread) because she had already whipped up some fierce cinnamon rolls earlier in the month.

Schnecken -Phe.Mom.enon – Holly

I know a lot of you are wondering why schnecken looks so much like a cinnamon bun, because it is like a cinnamon bun. Check out Hollys post about these yummy nutty buns to find out where it got its name.

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Crumb Muffins – Mevrouw Cupcake – Mari

Sweet potato buttermilk muffins are certainly something I never would have thought up, but Mari did an amazing joy and the crumb on top … mmmm

Beef Bastilla – Make No Little Meals – Danielle

I think this recipe could work as dinner and dessert in one. Chocolate, phylo dough and meat. I adore 2 fors.

Pear Cinnamon Crumble with Dark Chocolate – Lemon Tartlet and the Dust Bunnies – Leigh

I can’t judge this entry without bias because we’re eloping next week since she’s so darned hawt and rocks my boy shorts but you should bake whatever she says (and she’s armed)

Our final entry was from Beth at Supplicious. She made a tasty Cinnamon banana muffin, she earned bonus points for sending me two of her delicious muffins, then lost half a point for slacking and not putting it up on her blog πŸ˜›



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  1. I decorated my cuppys with hearts because I wub Nikki!

  2. Awesome Round-Up. So excited you had so many entries. Cant wait to see the next theme. πŸ™‚

  3. Fun round-up! I am fascinated by the Cinnamon French Toast Blondies. Yum. Looking forward to next month.

  4. Yummy! There is loads of cinnamon goodness here!

  5. WOW!!! So many amazing looking recipes!
    PS-I only sent them to one other person…geez…LOL

  6. I am literally drooling as I am having my breakfast. Every single entry looks fabulously delicious!

    And I can see the Sumo wrestler in the walnut too! πŸ˜‰

  7. Everything looks so yummy! I’m really craving a cinnamon roll now mmmm…I can’t wait to see what you have in store for next month!

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  9. my niece was born and I went out of town as soon as I got the phone call πŸ™‚
    I’ll post it on my blog but you don’t have to count mine because I know I missed the deadline 😦
    Sorry I’ll be better next month!

  10. Those snickerdoodle cuppies look FIERCE. I think they should win. that is all.

  11. Oh my…how EVER are you going to decide? I totally can’t wait for the March ingredient….

  12. I know my cookies are the MOST fierce of all, but I can NOT stop drooling over the cinnamon babka. Damn…now THAT looks fierce.

  13. O. Wow. Incredible

  14. Is there any way I could convince all of y’all to come to my house and bake for me so i can eat it all? Please? Tell me what it would take, I’ll do it!

  15. great event! glad you liked my entry πŸ™‚

    oh and i totally agree w/you about the sumo guy! though i think if you look closely, his ‘head’ is really the nut on the cupcake behind it! LOL

  16. Awesome roundup!! Great event. Well done Nikki!

  17. when i saw the nut on that cupcake, i thought “ha, looks like a sumo wrestler.” i laughed. then i laughed some more because you saw it too. awesome round-up! πŸ™‚

  18. hahahaha, i’m laughing so much about my little ‘sumo guy’ because when i took the photo i thought, ‘oh look, there’s a nice big sumo guy sitting on my cupcake!’ i probably couldn’t have made it look like that if i’d tried!
    the round-up is fantastic. th entries look absolutely scrumptious and i can’t wait to try some out! looking forward to next month already!

  19. Congratulation for your success competition. I don’t know how you will cope with more and more entries πŸ™‚
    I’m really enjoying my first challenge and thank you very much to put me in this month round up. It definitely boost my confidence. Looking forward to the next challenge.

  20. congress on your first event! what a success!

  21. Holy moly there were some amazing entries! I am SO gonna get in trouble at home case I need to make so very many of these for myself…

  22. Yay! I’m going to drive my guinea pigs nuts with all the cinnamon goodies they’ll be trying. πŸ˜€

  23. I’m totally impressed with all the entries. Dayum!

  24. This is AWESOME! Great participation for the 1st event and I can’t wait for the next!

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