The rules are simple:

-I pick an ingredient each month and you bake whatever your little heart desires as long as it has that ingredient and it’s a baked good.

-Write up your blog post with a link back here.

-Send me a link to your blog post, along with your name and email address on or before the last day of the challenge.  Emails should be sent to masterbakerchallenge at gmail dot com

-If you don’t have a blog, get one. In the meantime just email me a picture, the recipe and any thoughts or feelings you have towards your recipe.

– At the end of the month (the last day of the event) I will begin baking and choose my favorite baked good as our winner. I can’t promise I’ll make them all, but I promise to bake a bunch.

– For now the winner will pretty much get that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling in their heart and a swollen ego, but if a lot of people join in the fun I may be convinced to do something cool like having t-shirts or buttons or something fun made up for the winners. How cute would that banner (thanks Jess from Cuppycake Designs) look on just about anything?



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  1. I like any idea for a reason to bake! Oh Yeah! I write a food column for a local newspaper here on the Oregon Coast and also have a web blog with recipes posted since Jan 1. My intention with the column is healthy foods. So cook a bake something healthy for this challenge? How long has this challenge been going on? Will you post the winning recipes?

  2. -Healthy recipes are always great. I think we can all appreciate healthy baked goods!
    -This is the first of what will be many months of challenges
    -Once I have chosen a winner I will post all the entries and the winner

  3. Hmm…I just tried leaving a comment and I’m not sure what happened to it…:)…anyhow, just wanted to share that I was assigned a project at work: bake 60 different cookie recipes in 23 days…all by myself! Craziness! So I got this assignment just last week and now I’m up to recipe 28! I’ve been baking like crazy…and I think I’m on my way to being a master baker, you think :D!!! Hehe, well, not quite, but I am learning a lot about baking cookies. I will definitely look into this little ingredient challenge and see if I can squeeze in a tasty recipe that includes that ingredient in the next competition :)! Nice meeting you, very cute blog too, btw :D!


  4. bk

  5. Hi, I came across your blog today. This monthly bake off sounds fun! Where do I sign up?

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