Round Up and Winner: Master Baker March

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This month has officially whooped my butt, but after a long wait I bring you some fabulous easter candy delights! You girls (we need some guys) are awesome and truly stretched your creative minds to make this month yet another fantastic month. There were a few people other than our winner that needed to be highlighted so they’re at the bottom as a prequel to our fantastic winner!

Cadbury Egg Bites – Beantown Baker – Jen

My poor fellow Bostonian was missed in this months round up.ย  I remembered her entry, looked through all my emails and couldn’t for the life of me find it.ย  Luckily, Jen helped me find her ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I love that Jen was yet another experimenter that needed more than one try before perfecting these delicious little bites.ย  Great job Jen and I am so sorry!

Easter-y Red Velvet Cake Balls – Fun Foods – Stephanie

Red velvet cake balls are so good, but when you add some mini robins eggs to the mix it can only get better. Stephanie’s take on the cake balls that are sweeping the nation err blogosphere are fabulous!

ma tante minnie’s chocolate peanut butter blossomsJennyfers Culinary Creations – Jennyfer

Peanut butter blossoms are one of my favorite cookies ever. They’re just so perfect chewy and peanut buttery. And as reece’s eggs on top only makes them better!

Cadbury Cupcakes – Something Sweet – Kristen

Oooey gooey cadbury goodness in the middle of cupcakes. They look like eggs just cracked and ready to eat, but they’re the kind of eggs that go best with chocolate … cake that is.

Hidden Egg Easter Egg Cookies – Cooking is Medicine – Claire

Claire easter egg cookies complete with hidden Reeces’s egg centers are just too cute. I’m a suck for all things pastel expecially in the spring and yummy Recee’s goodness in the center of these sugar cookies only adds to my giddy delight.

Coconut Creme Cakes En Miniature topped with Coconut Creme Kiss MousseCrafty Precious – Kristina

Despite being a little worried about the wackiness of this months ingredient Kristina rose to the challenge and rocked my socks off with her mini cakes. She also used one of the newer additions to the Hershey’s easter candy line, coconut kisses, which are delish!

Cadbury Creme Eggs – Made with Love – Robin

Robin took a different approach to the challenge and instead of using easter candy she made her own. Now all of you Cadbury Creme Egg lovers can make them for yourself all year long!

Cadbury Mini Egg Cookies with Macadamia Nuts – Dawn’s Recipes – Dawn

Cookies and Cadbury eggs! SCORE. Two of my favorite things. How could this combo not be great?

Cheesecake Topped Turtle Brownies – The Baking Beauties – Jeanine

I love brownies, I love cheesecake. Add toffee, nuts and a caramel topping to the mix and really folk what’s not to love?

Easter Candy cake – Made By Melissa – Melissa

How cute is this cake? The peep family on top and the cadbury mini eggs really make this the most adorable easter cake ever. And the fact that she used the Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate cake for the cake layers is even better because it is one delicious cake!

Gluten Free Chocolate (eggs) Cookies – Live to Eat – Anty

Gluten free baking is one of the areas I am severely lacking. It’s something I have never tried eekk I know I need to branch out, but that’s why I love hosting this event because you girls push me outside my boundaries and make me learn out the deliciousness I have never experienced before.

Whopper Brownies – Because You Have to Eat … – Delia

Mmmm a non nutty crunch in brownies is just my kind of thing. Of course my love of whoppers doesn’t hurt the brownies cause.

Easter Chocolate Cupcakes – Passionate about Baking – Vindee

Vindee made some yummy devil’s food chocolate cupcakes with jelly beans that look amazing, but the real treat that’s in her post are her candied flowers. They are beyond adorable you definitely need to check them out because they are adorable!

Easter Basket Cupcakes – Not Quite Nigella – Lorraine

Lorraine’s cupcakes always make me giddy because they are just too cute and her flavors are always interesting and totally drool worthy. She certainly didn’t disappoint this month with her double chocolate raspberry cupcakes and do I even need to comment on the adorableness of the cupcakes with the little chicks?

Swiss Roll – Ruth’s Kitchen Experiments – Ruth

Ruth used the ever popular Cadbury mini eggs to create this delightful little roll that is pure deliciousness in a roll.

Coco-Peanut Trufflekins – What Smells … So Good? -Sarah

Sarah’s trufflekins not only have the most adorable name ever, and if the name doesn’t make you want to eat them, the recipe will.

Tutti-Fruitti Chocolate Nest Cookies – Big Black Dog – Michelle

The name of these cupcakes makes me want to sing that tutti-frutti song I used to bounce around to back in the day. Chocolate cookies with vanilla filling and a nest on top also make me want to bounce around with delight!

Chocolate Wontons – Fifi la Cupcakes Blog – Fiona

Fiona’s wantons are the most fun idea ever! How adorable are these little dessert treats? What I really love about them is that not only are they delish, but they’re also super easy to make. It’s always have something that’s not only cute, but nice and easy too!

Cadbury Egg Cupcakes – Vin de la Table – Kristen

Look at this filling. Kristen’s cupcakes scream “Eat Me.” Pure egg-y goodness. As always she combined her yummy cupcakes with an equally delicious wine. Have I mentioned I love wine and cupcakes? MMmmm mmm good!

Easter Rocky Road – Wee Treats by Tammy – Tammy

Marshmallow easter eggs and chocolate easter eggs combined with some nuts and Baileys <- I love baileys totally rock my road.

Reeseโ€™s Peanut Butter frosting on Chocolate CupcakesDo Better – Karen

Karen’s Reece’s Peanut Butter frosting is screaming at me. It’s telling me to come on over and just lick the screen until I get to the frosting. Chocolate and Peanut butter are really the greatest combo ever invented.

Malted Milk Chocolate Cake – Barbara Bakes – Barbara

I can’t believe Barbara cut this recipe out 9 years ago and never got around to making it. Makes me happy I decided to choose a crazy ingredient because after all this time this cake needed to be made. And I totally missed out on using robin’s eggs for lipstick when I was a kid. i totally missed out.

G’s Wacky Cups – My Baking Heart – Jessica

These coffee and cocoa cupcakes with the pretty green coconut “grass” on top should really be called adorable cups because they are so cute I want to pinch their little cheeks. Of course the cake part isn’t a disappointment either, recipes don’t make it three generations without being damn good!

M&M Cookies – Judy’s Gross Eats – Judy

I love M&M cookies. They’re just good, wholesome classic quality great cookies.

Jelly Bean Cupcakes – Iheartcuppycakes – CB

Kissy kissy little bunnsketeers. I bet CB wishes her real bunnies would kiss like that so she could have a houseful of bunny babies. Oh ya the cupcakes. They’re an ode to my favorite funfetti cuppys but with Jelly Beans. CB is such a suck up ๐Ÿ˜›

Cake Filled Easter Eggs – CamCupCakes – afoneleri

Another ridiculously fun and creative entry (you girls really amaze me sometimes). Afoneleri made chocolate cake balls inside of chocolate easter eggs and covered them which chocolate. They’re cute and full on chocolaty perfection!

Easter Blondie Bites – Canela and Comino – Gretchen Noelle

Gretchen’s pictures always make me drool, then I read the recipe and I need to towel down my computer because drool goes from being a wet mouth to being a full on waterfall of “I want.” Here little blondie bites certainly didn’t disappoint because I want to gobble them all up like it’s my job. Oh, if only eaten Gretchen’s baked good could be my job I would be a happy woman.

Malted Milk Chocolate Cheesecake – Adventures in the Kitchen – Cheri

Chocolate cheesecake is just the greatest invention ever. Cheri did an amazing job on her pretty little cheesecake and the malted milk eggs on top are the perfect little topping!

Chewy Cocoa Brownies – Suppalicious – Beth

The oozing chocolate coming out of the top is what gets me with this one. The chocolates also look like (.)(.)’s which keeps me coming back wanting more ๐Ÿ˜›

Easter Biscotti – Suppalicious – Beth

How cute are these? Beth, my constant latecomer ๐Ÿ˜› I still love her though. I love the color the Jelly beans add to the biscotti. They make them so fun and lively!


Now we have this months rock star of the month.

Adventures with a Red KitchenAid Mixer & a Beagle named Hershey – Elizabeth

This is the story of one woman, and her torrid affair with a disturbing amount of Reese’s eggs. She’ll put them in just about anything (we have photographic evidence and it’s haaaawt), and my only question after looking these over is, “Will you adopt me? Like, right now?”

Reese’s Egg Banana Bars
Soft chewy squares of delight, won’t you dally with me under the banana yellow moon?
You can slip into something more comfortable if you like, granola perhaps? You look so fetching in oats my darling…

Easter Rice Krispy Treats

These are cheating. There ain’t a soul alive that can resist krispy treats, and to make them with Peeps and pb eggs is asking for trouble. Tasty, sticky trouble.

Mini Reese’s Egg Cheesecake

There’s cheesecake, and then there’s zomg there’s peanut butter and chocolate eggs at the bottom of my cheesecake and I think I just tinkled myself like a tiny dog who’s been overcome with joy cheesecake. Guess which one this is!

S’more Peep Bars

How do you improve S’mores? Pink! That improves everything!

Mini Cadbury Nest Eggs

After a mere 6 (yes really, 6) entries, we have an adorable little cadbury egg in it’s nest. Do you know what’s it’s doing? It’s taking a nap after Bakezilla over here has made us drool to the point of dehydration, that’s what! You rock Elizabeth, if you put half as much energy into your cases you’ll win every one!


Of course the fabulous Lemon Tartlet couldn’t be out done and she is our first Disaster of the Month Yes, this month there were two experiments gone wrong, but experiments only make you better and you need to cherish those learning experiences.

Easter Candy Cupcakes looking all cute and Innocent before being baked …

Kablamo! Ya that marshmallow on the right totally blew his head off. Congrats LT, your complete disaster let me with pains in my stomach because I laughed so hard I had tears in my eye ๐Ÿ˜›

LT decided to flip that idea the bird and she moved on to a safer, but much tastier Easter Egg Cookies

Our second disaster of the month goes to Alica over at The Girl Tastes! She probably could have fooled people because her picture doesn’t look quite as disastrous as LT’s, but the diagram of problems is something I would do. Embrace your inner disaster folk embrace it!

She bounced back…

Robin’s Egg Cookies – The girl tastes! – Alicia

…figured out what went wrong and ended up with delightfully perfect cookies! Great job!


And now … can I get a drumroll please ::drum drum drum:: (what? I don’t know how to spell drum noises) our winner and champion is the wonderful, lovely, fantastic, currently out of the kitchen and into her hockey … Pens fan. You all know here and love her.

The fabulous LAURIE of the Quirky Cupcake!!

Seriously though, Laurie’s Babka was not only delicious, but it also used half the candy in the Easter Candy Aisle. To make that hodge podge of candy taste delicious is truly amazing. Congrats Laurie.



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  1. I WANT A RECOUNT. There’s no way I could have lost. Make sure you count the hanging chads dammit! (yeah yeah… Congrats Laurie et etc)

  2. Um we use electronic voting systems here … blame Dibold or whoever makes those pieces of junk

  3. Fantastic round up! Can’t wait to try that Babka! Fun Fun Fun!

  4. Go Laurie
    Go Laurie
    It’s Your Babka
    Go Laurie

  5. Even though I wasn’t this month’s winner – your comments made me smile! Thanks!!!

  6. Well done Laruie! You truly did represent the whole easter candy concept with your babka!

  7. Very nice round-up, well worth the wait!

  8. Me=Stunned

    It is very fitting that my wacko babka idea would win. I think this tells me I need to go with my instincts more when baking and stop going by the book. Maybe my odd ideas can stand up?

    Thanks Nikki, you totally made my day. I will be sending this link to everyone I know today. ha!

    And CB… neener neener neeeeeener! ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. Um… I don’t see my entry in the roundup ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I’m going to go cry…

  10. Wow, now I wish I could go shopping for Easter candy to try some of those awesome looking baked goodies out! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for putting this all together, I had a great time, and even have my vanilla entry all done, just need to post it yet. ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Glad you were able to add me. I probably forgot to send the email (I couldn’t find it either…) I can be a little scatter-brained at times.

  12. Oh, my teeth ache just looking at all these photos ๐Ÿ™‚ What fun! This was a wonderful idea for a roundup. I don’t often eat sweet baked goods but a lot of these are very appealing to me I think in part to the sentimental Easter candy ingredient ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. My entry isn’t listed either. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. hi nikki,
    i can’t see my entry there either…boohoo :”(

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  16. WOW! What amazing ideas! They all make me hungry =o) Thanks for such a great list!!!

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